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Workers’ Compensation Covers My Workplace Injury. Can I Still Sue?

Many people who are hurt on the job think that their only source of compensation is their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. It’s true that this is typically the case, but there are lots of times that this may not be the only possibility. Even if your employer is covered by insurance, you may still be able to sue for personal injuries that happened at your workplace.

Let’s take a look at some of these situations.

You May Be Able to Sue…

…if your injury was the result of a defective product. In this case, your case would be against the manufacturer of the product–not your employer.

…if your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance. If this is true, then you may be able to sue your employer in civil court, or be reimbursed from a state fund for your expenses.

…if your injury was the result of your employer’s reckless, intentional, or dangerous conduct. This could be cause for a personal injury suit against him or her.

…if you were hurt by a toxic substance. You could bring a toxic tort lawsuit against the manufacturer of the substance.

…if you were injured by a third party on your workplace premises. If this happens, you may be able to sue the person who caused your injury.

Workers’ Compensation May Not Be Enough

While it’s true that workers’ compensation can provide money and benefits for a worker who finds themselves hurt on the job, the payments are typically low and don’t usually cover things like pain and suffering. Additionally, these payouts do nothing to discipline an employer for creating or allowing an unsafe work environment. That’s why you need to know that insurance isn’t always the only option–sometimes, there is a reason to file a personal injury lawsuit or another type of claim to make sure you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

Were You Injured on the Job?

Wettermark Keith is always ready to defend the rights of those who are injured by someone else’s negligent or reckless behavior. If you were injured at your workplace through no fault of your own, contact us for compassionate, proactive representation. We won’t rest until you get the compensation you deserve!

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