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When to Hire a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When our older loved ones begin to require more than you can provide, nursing homes give families a great resource. At their best, nursing homes allow people to find exceptional care and continual community with both the staff and residents.

However, nursing homes sometimes do not put the care of your loved one at the forefront, resulting in neglect, or even abuse. Many families have to deal with the reality of elder abuse every year, so if you have a loved one in a nursing home, you might be wondering when to hire a nursing home abuse lawyer.

When You Suspect Abuse or Neglect

A nursing home abuse case isn’t always obvious, especially if you don’t see your loved one frequently. Though you might expect bumps and bruises to regularly appear on older people, these minor injuries should never be without explanation. Additionally, not every red flag of abuse is physical; emotional, verbal, and psychological abuse also play a negative role in your loved one’s well-being.

If you notice that your loved one has a strained relationship with staff or has been restrained when it wasn’t necessary, these can be signs of abuse and neglect that many people overlook. However, if these signs ever start to appear, you’ll know when to hire a nursing home abuse lawyer and start an attorney-client relationship.

When Your Loved One Hints at Mistreatment

Certainly, if your loved one ever tells you that they are being harmed at a nursing home, you should listen and take action. Unfortunately, though, these conversations might not be so explicit. Sometimes, your loved one is unable due to their condition to share their experiences.

Other times, the nursing home staff may have used intimidation to deter them from reporting their abuse. Establish a relationship of trust with your loved ones so that they feel safe and respected when bringing up their situation, and call a nursing home neglect lawyer if they ever mention mistreatment.

When the Nursing Home Is Uncommunicative

If you ever have questions about your loved one’s care, the nursing home should be honest and transparent with you, given that you are approved to receive that information. However, if you notice that the nursing home is hiding information, refusing to tell you certain key details, or can’t answer to certain parts of your loved one’s plan of care, it’s time to call a nursing home abuse attorney. If a nursing home is truly taking good care of their patients, they would want to let the family know.

If they aren’t able to answer certain basic questions, it may point to neglect. We should note, too, that if you’re planning on hiring a nursing home abuse lawyer, you should get legal advice before ever mentioning your intentions to the nursing home. Stay in regular communication with the nursing home, and if they ever start to work against you, you know when to hire a nursing home abuse lawyer.

Nursing home abuse is more prevalent than you think, and the emotional, physical, and financial toll it can take on your loved one and your family can be great. In short, you can’t afford to get your abuse claim wrong. Start by hiring a lawyer through a trusted and qualified law firm like Wettermark Keith. We want to help your family through this difficult time. Our law office has personal injury lawyers with experience in everything from a car accident to disability. Don’t wait; hire a nursing home lawyer and get started by signing up for a free consultation below.

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