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What You Need to Know About Delayed Onset Injuries

At Wettermark Keith, we see various kinds of injuries as a result of a traumatic car accident. The impact of a crash is severe, so it’s not surprising that you could have traumatic injuries afterward. 

It’s important to seek medical care after being injured in a car accident––no matter the severity of your injuries. You could have injuries that are not as obvious or injuries that haven’t emerged yet. It’s always best to err on the side of caution if you may have been injured in a car accident––delayed onset injuries are often subtle, but can affect your life and your claim dramatically. 

Common Injuries To Look Out for Following a Car Accident

Car accident injuries, like the causes of car accidents, can vary widely. Some common injuries include:

  • Herniated discs
  • Internal bleeding
  • Broken bones
  • Broken ribs
  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Whiplash

Since a car accident is such a traumatic event, your body goes into fight or flight mode and rushes adrenaline and other chemicals through your bloodstream to keep you alert and active. Unfortunately, these very same chemicals can hide the injuries you’ve endured––because adrenaline increases your body’s pain threshold––and make you believe that you’re healthier than you actually are. These injuries can show up days after a car accident. This is what we call delayed onset injuries.

What are delayed onset injuries?

You should note that some injuries will not show up automatically preceding a car accident. Referred to as delayed onset injuries, these injuries might take a little while before they present themselves. For example, if you wake up a few days after a car accident with a headache, it could actually be caused by a more serious problem such as a concussion––which needs immediate medical evaluation.

What Should You Do About Delayed Onset Injuries?

Fortunately, medical professionals are no strangers to delayed onset injuries after a car accident, and are trained to treat and diagnose any issues you may be experiencing. It may take time for injuries to present themselves, but as soon as you feel unwell, you need to get medical attention. Make sure you tell your medical provider that you were recently involved in a car accident. 

After your visit, you will need to document any medical information you obtain in case you need to file an at-fault driver in your case, and contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases

Your Case Matters

We see injuries of all kinds, from hit and runs to on-the-job accidents, but we never handle them the same. Your case is unique, so you need a lawyer who is adaptable and can protect your case––whatever it may be. 

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