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What to Do When Your Lawyer Goes Bad?

A few bad apples can ruin a bunch.  This is a saying that rings true amongst all professions – mechanics, doctors, and lawyers.

A former Tuscaloosa attorney currently finds himself in hot water and is facing lawsuits from numerous former clients who contend he not only defrauded them but also told lavish stories about how well their cases were progressing through the court system.

Fortunately, in most cases, clients can find recourse against attorneys who go bad through legal malpractice lawsuits.  Similar to how a doctor can commit malpractice, so can attorneys.  And when that occurs, the harmed client can turn to the Court system for redress.

In addition to bringing a lawsuit against an attorney that causes harm to a client through malpractice, the client can and should also report the conduct of the attorney to the appropriate regulatory Bar agency, generally the Bar association of the specific state.

If you feel like you have been harmed by the conduct of your attorney, make sure you contact a law firm that has experience in investigating and handling these types of cases.