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What Is MMI? A Panama City Construction Accident Lawyer Explains

It’s no surprise that with such intense work conditions and an above-average number of car accidents, the most extreme workplace accidents occur from a Panama City construction accident. Those hurt in accidents in Florida can spend months or years before making a full recovery, but sometimes, your injuries are so severe that you can’t ever return to your former health. This final phase in your recovery journey is called maximum medical improvement, or MMI. Learn from a Wettermark Keith Panama City construction accident lawyer as they explain what this classification means for you and your compensation.

What Is MMI?

MMI, or maximum medical improvement, is a designation given to you by your doctor when he or she believes that your condition will not get better with further treatment. Unfortunately, your doctor is essentially saying that the condition that you are in now is the best you will ever be. Further, this indicates to you, your insurance, and your construction company that you are now permanently disabled, at least to some degree. Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance will cease to pay due to your updated condition.

Your doctor will assign you a certain percentage of disability, and that percentage will go on to dictate what you can claim in disability benefits or any other type of compensation. Understanding your condition and percentage is the first step, but you should also take action with the help of a Panama City construction accident lawyer to protect your right to compensation.

What Are My Options?

Even if your doctor has said that your recovery has reached MMI, our law firm is here to encourage you to stay hopeful. With the help of a construction accidents lawyer, there are still ways for you to get the compensation you deserve, even if your health can’t improve.

First of all, you can still go back to work, if your condition allows it. Depending on the construction sites and type of work, you may still be able to do manual labor. However, your doctor may place some restrictions on your work to ensure you stay safe.

Secondly, you can change jobs, practice areas, or career paths. More sedentary jobs or less work-intensive environments may better suit your condition after an accident.

Finally, you can also consider looking for compensation with the help of attorneys in Panama City. Based on your percentage of disability, you may be able to claim long-term disability benefits. However, for those with lower disability percentages, you can also seek fair compensation from the parties liable for your accident through claims like lost wages. 

If you’re not sure which of these legal options is best for you, call a Wettermark Keith Panama City construction accident lawyer. Our law office has handled cases for MMI clients before, and we know how big of a difference proper compensation can make in improving someone’s life. Schedule a free consultation with our legal team using the form below, and one of our construction accident attorneys in Fort Walton Beach or Panama City Beach will get in touch with you about legal advice.

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