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What Does a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Do?

If you were hurt at work, it’s hard to know what to do next. Most businesses have workers’ compensation insurance that will cover you in case of an injury, but not all businesses will give this compensation freely.

When employers make it difficult for you to be compensated, or you’re not sure how to start the claims process, it’s time to call a workers’ comp lawyer. But you may be asking, what does a workers’ compensation lawyer do, exactly?

Protect Your Claim

Unfortunately, there are a lot of ways your employer might try to avoid paying you workers’ compensation. Some employers might try to intimidate you so that you won’t file a workers’ comp claim, and others might just refuse to allow you to start the claims process by filing an incident report. Despite the fact that this type of intimidation is illegal, it still happens on occasion.

If your employer doesn’t stop you from starting the process, they might try to make it harder for your claim to be approved in a variety of different ways. An employer has the right to request a medical examination or medical records when you make your claim, which could have an impact on the amount you’re ultimately rewarded. Your employer may also fire you after the payment of workers’ comp benefits has started, which could terminate any remaining payments.

In addition to your employer, the insurance adjusters also may try to offer a lower amount than what you deserve or seek to find information that would allow them to offer less. So what does a workers’ compensation lawyer do to help? Essentially, there are a lot of barriers to getting the proper coverage for your medical bills and lost wages, but a compensation lawyer will help to defend you when you file a claim.

Reduce the Risk of Fraud

Filing workers’ compensation requires a statement from you claiming that an event happened that resulted in your work-related injury. Sometimes, these workers’ comp claims are denied and, even worse, your employer or their insurance company might claim that you were attempting to break workers’ comp laws and commit fraud. Workers’ comp fraud is a third-degree felony, meaning massive fines and maybe even imprisonment.

In workers’ compensation laws, fraud is the submission of a statement that is not true or misleading. Most often, it’s done when an injured worker exaggerates the personal injury suffered or makes a claim for a pre-existing condition. Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney can help you make sure you aren’t committing fraud or that you’re not wrongfully accused of fraud.

So, what does a workers’ compensation lawyer do? They’re essentially your advocate and #1 resource for anything related to your workers’ comp case. You shouldn’t hire a workers’ comp lawyer randomly, though. When you hire a lawyer, make sure they have the experience needed to effectively win your case. At Wettermark Keith, we’ve worked with many other people who were injured on the job to get the financial help they need. Let our law firm help you get the compensation you need.

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