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Top Halloween Safety Tips from Our Personal Injury Lawyers

Halloween in the 21st century is centered on fun, community, and most certainly, candy. It’s a chance to wear what we or our children would otherwise never wear and learn more about our friends and neighbors. But Halloween also poses several risks that are hard to foresee.

Halloween is the deadliest day of the year for children, but it also can be dangerous for adults planning to celebrate, as well, and our law firm wants you to be aware. Learn more and protect yourself and your loved ones this Halloween weekend!

Watch the Streets

The majority of child injuries surrounding Halloween have to do with walking in the streets. While many neighborhoods will post cautionary signs to drivers, you should still keep an eye on your child, especially while crossing the street or going from house to house.

Consider adding reflective elements to your child’s costume and use sidewalks and crosswalks as they are available in your area. If you or your child suffers an injury from a car this Halloween, file injury claims with our child injury attorney right away.

Careful Where You Step

Although street safety is a major concern for children, adults shouldn’t neglect their safety while walking, either. Behind pumpkin carving, tripping and falling is the second most prevalent injury for adults on Halloween. You can trip and fall in many places, but oftentimes, it’s the unfamiliarity of another person’s yard or front steps that causes you to injure yourself. Make sure your costume allows for you to see properly and that you don’t attempt any potentially dangerous actions, like climbing a ladder or riding a bike, until you are out of costume and in proper attire. If another person’s property or negligence was to blame for your injury, our injury attorneys can help you secure proper compensation for your medical care.

Other Drivers on the Road

Unfortunately, holidays like Halloween create opportunities for people to drink and drive. With so many parties going on to celebrate, many will overindulge and then attempt to drive a car, putting you and your family in danger. Be aware that Halloween has an above-average number of drunk drivers on the streets, and that you may encounter one while driving. Make a plan to stay as far away from the vehicle as possible and to report the tag number to the police. Also, if you have young or inexperienced drivers in your household, encourage them to refrain from driving on Halloween night. If you are involved in an accident with a drunk or impaired driver, call our personal injury attorney to file your personal injury claims.

Halloween is a great yearly tradition full of fun spooks and new costumes, but be careful that its hazards don’t ruin your celebration. Keep an eye out for these risks, and you’ll make your community’s Halloween a happier evening for everyone.

If you find yourself or your child injured because of another’s breach of duty of care on Halloween or any night of the year, contact our personal injury lawyer team today. Our personal injury lawyers and child injury lawyer have years of experience with injury cases like yours, and we can help you secure compensation for your medical bills and pain and suffering. Simply fill out our contact form below to get started with a free consultation.

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