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Ask anyone who has a child what means the most in his or her life and you’re likely to receive a response along these lines: my child or children. Children represent our future, but they also remind us of our past. We cherish those moments that they repeat our mishaps, learning all the way; we issue a sigh of relief when they overcome an obstacle so much easier than we ever did. A parent’s and child’s lives are interlinked, which makes a child injury all the more devastating. We share in their pain as if it was our own. It hurts to see our child hurt, whether through something nefarious or through neglect.

Likewise, the child injury attorneys at Wettermark Keith sympathize with that heart-wrenching pain. That’s why we’ve dedicated a part of our practice to pursuing claims for child injury cases. No parent should have to bear the pain and suffering of his or her child at all, let alone by him or herself. We’re here to help ensure full recovery is possible — and that undue injury and undeserved medical bills don’t derail you or your child’s life.

Detecting Fault in Child Injury Cases

When your child suffers an undue injury, your first thoughts jump to his or her safety. All other concerns, rightly so, fall to the wayside. With safety secured, you’re seeking justice — and wish to hold the at-fault parties financially accountable. A Wettermark Keith child injury lawyer can help ensure that your claims to compensation see a settlement or even the courtroom, if necessary.

Children may act on impulses and whims that an average adult would not.  This fact, coupled with less life experience, make children more susceptible to incurring harm or personal injury. It also means that adults must demonstrate a reasonable standard of care when near, around, or with children.

When finding who is at fault and liable, that can vary depending on the situation. Another reason to seek a lawyer for child injury, or when struck with another life altering event. However, it’s beneficial to know parties that could be liable in the event of a child injury:

  • Pet owners
  • Motorists
  • Healthcare workers and professionals
  • Athletic coaches
  • School authorities
  • Toy and playground equipment manufacturers
  • Property owners
  • Fellow parents

Pinning down at-fault parties usually requires an expert opinion, which luckily, Wettermark Keith can provide. We specialize in child injury law — and are well-equipped to be the resource you need to receive full and commensurate compensation. Contact us for a completely free consultation of your case.

Your Child’s Case Matters

Like their adult counterparts, children hold rights to compensation. A child injury incurred through an adult’s action or inaction entitles that child to the right amount of redress. This includes:

  • Medical costs compensation
  • Pain and suffering restitution
  • Mental hardship compensation
  • Financial reimbursement for future wage loss due to disability
  • Wrongful death claims to cover funeral costs

However, the law does distinguish a difference between adults and children on a couple levels. First, minors under age 18 are unable to file a personal injury lawsuit. Only the child’s parent or guardian can at the child’s behest. Second, the degree of responsibility differs as well. A judge will account for a child’s actions through the lens of their respective age. Essentially, a judge will gauge if a child’s actions constituted age-appropriate activity in a given situation or if the child seemed to act negligently. Just how negligently may factor into the final compensation sum awarded.

You serve as an advocate for your child day-in and day-out; let us be his or her champion in the courtroom. You need a child injury lawyer equipped to successfully handle liable parties and their insurance agencies. We carry the know-how to translate your child’s personal injury case into compensation and recovery.

Instances of Negligent Supervision

Our children find themselves not always under our watchful eye. Especially as they enter into the school years. A child spends a significant part of his or her day at school, and sometimes a daycare center right afterwards. That means your child’s well-being rests with school officials and daycare workers for extended periods of time. Proper oversight is paramount in maintaining your child’s safety. If you believe negligence directly affected or even influenced your child’s injury, you may have a case for compensation. Our expertise covers cases concerning negligent supervision — and extends to other instances as well, including:

  • Lack of Supervision
  • Child Abuse and Neglect
  • School Crossing Accidents
  • Swimming Pool Accidents
  • Dog Bite Accidents
  • Playground Accidents
  • School Bus Accidents
  • Dangerous Toys

Put the diverse record of our child injury lawyers to work for you, your child, and your case. There’s a reason why our law firm specializes in practice areas like child injury. We’re devoted to the pursuit of justice, especially for the most vulnerable among us. Our initial consultation lies but a click away.

Seek Justice with Wettermark Keith

Injuries go beyond just the physical pain. They take their toll across the board, from emotional turmoil to unfair financial stress. A personal injury, especially for a child, can upend everything. We understand the pain and hurt that you’re feeling. His or her recovery means the most. We’re here to ensure that that can go as smooth as possible.

When a child injury hits close to home, turn to the name you know and trust: the child injury lawyers at Wettermark Keith. Our law firm boasts experience in a number of child and personal injury cases — and can aid in recovering the compensation you and your child are owed. Contact us to schedule a free consultation of your case. An experienced child injury lawyer will meet with you and review the options you have to move forward — and toward recovery.