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Keeping Things Merry: Stay Safe This Holiday Season

The holidays last from late November through mid-January, which is a lot of time for string lights, Christmas trees, and out-of-town travel. We all want to enjoy the season as much as possible–but when we neglect safety precautions, a joyful time can quickly turn into a tragedy. Let’s discuss a few ways to stay safe this holiday season.

Decorate Carefully

You may wonder how in the world someone could hurt themselves decorating for Christmas, but thousands of emergency-room-worthy injuries are incurred every year due to holiday decorating!

Artificial snow poses a threat if inhaled; breakable ornaments can break and cut childrens’ hands, and step ladders can tip over. Even some Poinsettias are poisonous and should be kept well out of reach of pets and kids. Whatever you decorate with, make sure it is safe and appropriate for all ages in your home.

Be Aware of Fire Hazards

Candles, tree lights, and fires in the fireplace can all cause major problems if not properly supervised. Never leave burning candles unattended, make sure your tree is watered properly (if real) or flame-resistant (if artificial).

Don’t burn wrapping paper or wreaths in the fireplace, and always make sure the embers of your fire are completely out before you go to bed for the night. Unplug Christmas lights whenever you’re not at home, and be sure that there’s nothing near your tree that poses a fire hazard, like a candle.

Drive Responsibly

Whether you’re driving down the street or venturing cross-country, you need to make sure that you are prepared to be behind the wheel. That means getting plenty of sleep the night before, abstaining from all alcohol, and ensuring that the vehicle is ready for the road.

Additionally, put your cell phone away while driving so that you aren’t tempted to check a text message or pull up your maps while the car is moving. If you are riding with someone else, have them act as your temporary cell phone assistant while you’re driving–especially when it comes to navigation. Be sure you know what to expect with the weather, too; since the holidays occur during colder months, snow and ice may be a consideration when you travel.

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