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Disabilities not only affect your everyday life but can also leave you worrying about how to provide for yourself and your family without the ability to work. Social Security benefits are available for those that are disabled, but often do not provide enough compensation. While our team of Wettermark Keith Social Security disability lawyers can help you receive that compensation, long-term disability benefits (LTD benefits) can also help with the financial burden and help ease your worries.

LTD insurers protect their interests by denying claims – the fewer cases approved, the more money they get to keep. As a result, LTD benefit denials are common. A long-term disability lawyer in Huntsville, Alabama from the Wettermark Keith law firm can help you fight back against the insurance companies.

The Need for Disability Coverage

Huntsville Disability LawyerAccording to the Council for Disability Awareness, a quarter of all 20-year-olds in America can be expected to miss at least a year of work before retirement in the future due to a disability. Moreover, half of all Americans do not have the financial security to pay an unexpected bill of $400 or more without having to take out a loan or sell something, and almost half of all Americans can only afford to pay three months’ worth of bills without any income. 

The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims process generally takes that amount of time at a minimum. That process can be very frustrating, as only 34% of all applications for SSDI are accepted. Over two-thirds of those accepted applications were accepted through the appeals process, meaning that only 11% of all applicants received compensation on the first attempt. Even if the application is accepted, the average income amount SSDI provides is barely above the federal poverty line. Because of this discrepancy, people suffering from disabilities and their residual effects are much more likely to be forced to declare bankruptcy.

These statistics emphasize that it is a good idea to hire a long-term disability lawyer in Huntsville, AL today to help you receive the compensation that you deserve. Long-term disability income can help put you in a safe and secure financial place, and disability law is an area of law that our Wettermark Keith team of attorneys can help you through both the claims and appeals process.


Why was my disability claim denied?

There are several different reasons why this may have occurred. One of the most common reasons, however, is due to insurance companies acting out of bad faith by claiming a lack of substantial medical evidence. With that in mind, try to keep track of any and all medical records that could possibly be attributed to your disability.

What should I do if my long-term disability claim was denied?

Getting your claim denied can be frustrating and cause you to worry. However, there remains the possibility of appealing denied claims. If your claim has been denied it is important to speak with an attorney because there is a timeframe in which appeals must be submitted. If your initial LTD insurance claim is denied, there is a chance of your appeal being denied as well. We understand those frustrations and worry this can cause. Nevertheless, there are still available options if an appeal is denied. Allow a Huntsville disability lawyer at our firm to give your denied appeal the best chance for success.

How quickly should I file a claim and/or appeal?

As soon as possible. Sometimes there are strict deadlines that need to be met regarding the timeline of your disability or personal injury, so it is always best to act quickly.

Wettermark Keith Huntsville Disability Lawyer

If you’ve become disabled and are not able to work, it can be financially challenging. In a perfect world, every long-term disability claim would be approved. However, that’s not the case. The long-term disability insurers are not going to go easy on you. These companies will resort to closing your records before a hearing takes place, making it impossible for you to pursue your case. 

Our disability attorneys are familiar with the tricks to denying long-term disability benefits and can guide you into making sure you have all the information and documentation you need for your hearing to be a success. If you are thinking about filing a long-term disability claim, consider talking to our team. We can help file a claim or take it to a hearing if that’s what it takes to get the benefits you deserve. Their experience and knowledge will allow your claim the best chance for success. As always, part of our fee agreements includes a free consultation and no charges on your end unless we win your case.

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