Huntsville Commercial Accident Lawyer

In Madison County, commercial trucks can cause serious damage to both you and your vehicle. Car accidents alone can cause plenty of trouble, but involving commercial vehicles only increases the intensity of an accident and its ramifications. Potential issues that could arise from truck accidents include dealing with well-equipped trucking companies, unhelpful insurance companies, and even wrongful death that passes the burdens on to a victim’s family. Therefore, it is important to reach out to an Alabama truck accident attorney today to get the legal service you require to receive the compensation you deserve.

The Wettermark Keith law firm and our team of accident attorneys have a wealth of experience and are ready to win your case against the companies behind the truck drivers, large trucks, commercial trucks, and tractor-trailers that cause these accidents.

Commercial Accident Statistics

According to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the yearly number of fatal and injury-inducing commercial vehicle accidents have been increasing every year since 2009. Across the country in 2018, 5,096 trucks and commercial vehicles were involved in deadly accidents, while 121,000 were involved in causing an injury. Moreover, 414,000 vehicles caused property damage that year. As these accidents are becoming more and more common, it is important to have a personal injury attorney ready to help you at any time.


What extra information should I ask for from a truck driver as opposed to a normal vehicle driver?

On top of the typical license and insurance information, be sure to collect the information for the truck driver’s employer. Information such as the company’s name, address, and phone number is crucial to helping your case.

I am having trouble reaching the trucking company. What should I do?

Trucking companies are notoriously difficult to deal with if one of their employees were involved in an accident. If you can not get in contact with them, make your attorney aware. They will know the best avenues to take to ensure the company is held legally accountable.

Who could potentially be responsible for paying my compensation?

Many factors determine who pays for what in a commercial vehicle accident case. However, there are some usual culprits from which you could receive compensation.

Trucking Companies– The company hires and schedules the truck drivers. If it is determined that the trucking company hired an unqualified candidate or stretched a driver’s schedule too thin, they could be held liable.

Insurance Companies– As with a normal car accident, the truck driver’s insurance company could pay you as a result of your accident.

Truck Manufacturer– If the involved truck was considered to be manufactured improperly, the truck’s manufacturer could be on the hook for making faulty equipment that led to the commercial accident.

Loading Team– If a team not affiliated with the trucking company loaded the truck, they could be made to pay compensation if it was found that the truck was loaded improperly.

Wettermark Keith Law Firm: Huntsville Commercial Accident Lawyer

Those involved in a commercial vehicle accident are much more likely to experience damages, injury, and death than those involved in a normal car accident. Moreover, the potential parties involved in truck accidents are not going to want to compensate you for their mistakes. It is important to bring on a commercial accident attorney as soon as possible to combat the games that these companies play. In Huntsville, Alabama, the Wettermark Keith team of attorneys is ready to provide legal services to help you win your case. Reach out today to receive a free consultation to help start the process.

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