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Have a Happy and Safe Valentine’s Day with These Tips

Valentine’s Day is an exciting day full of heart-shaped chocolates, love notes, and special moments with your partner. Now and then, though, this day can quickly turn sour, and we don’t mean break-ups. If you don’t use caution, injuries can interrupt your romantic holiday celebrations. 

Since injuries are the last thing on your mind this Valentine’s Day, we wanted to refresh your memory with a few safety tips. 

Keep an Eye on the Flames

Your love might be burning for your Valentine, but you should avoid real flames. If you use your stove, don’t leave it unattended; if you decide to light a few candles, watch over them. 

Have a Romantic Dinner at Home

If you opt for a romantic dinner with your partner, pay attention while you’re cutting vegetables––or you might cut more than the onions. The last thing your romantic night needs is a hospital visit. 

Dance the Night Away 

If you’re planning on dancing the night away with your special someone, make sure you stretch beforehand, start slow, and pace yourself with alcohol. 

If You Drink, Do Not Drive

Go ahead, pop the champagne, but make sure you plan for a night of drinking. If you’ve had too much, call a cab or an Uber for yourself and your date. Drinking and driving has never been romantic––and injuries sustained from driving under the influence can be life-threatening. 

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