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Posting on Social Media After a Car Accident? Read This First

For a lot of us, whenever a big life event happens, the first place we turn is social media. In the event of vehicle accidents, our Facebook posts can be finished before the police report! But social media can become your worst enemy in car accidents, and here’s why.

Your Social Media Is Evidence

The most important reason to stay off social media in car accident cases is that everything you do, including social media, can be used as evidence against you. Even if you’re not posting about the accident itself, any activity of social media at all could be interpreted as normal and healthy… meaning that you aren’t in need of any help with medical bills or medical expenses, payments for lost wages, or a pain and suffering settlement to aid your car accident injuries.

The best thing you can do is stop using social media until your case has ended.

How to Use Social Media After an Accident

The best thing you can do online after an accident is to not use social media at all. Instead of posting, call your family and friends to let them know you were in an accident and are in touch with a law firm. Make them and others you are around aware that you would not like pictures of you or status updates about you posted online. Instead, take the opportunity to take a break from social media. It’ll do you and your case good!

What to Do If You’ve Already Posted on Social Media

Note that anything that’s public to the Internet is legally able to be viewed by the defense attorney. If you haven’t been in an accident, a good way to prepare for potential future cases is to turn all social media to private and to watch what you post. However, in some cases, the defense can even ask for special permission to access your private posts, so even this is not a surefire way to protect your privacy.

This can be especially tricky if you’ve posted incriminating pictures before, such as selfies while driving. Finding good car accident attorneys and telling them about your social media use will be imperative.

If you have been involved in an accident and posted about it online, your first instinct may be to delete your post after reading this article. Don’t! Deleting a post can be seen as tampering with evidence. The best thing you can do is talk to your car accident lawyers and stop using social media immediately.

Social media use isn’t as private as many people think. Social media can be used to share a lot of information about yourself. Depending on how much you post, insurance companies can often learn more about you from your Instagram than your medical records! If you’re not careful, how you engage online can really be detrimental to your property damage and personal injury claims. Follow these tips, but most importantly, get an injury lawyer who can help you through the whole process.

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