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Truck Accident Victim Resources From a Trucking Violation Lawyer

Largely due to the dangers of driving commercial vehicles such as semi-trailer trucks, the United States federal government has set in place many regulations governing the operations of these vehicles. These regulations include safety standards, hours of operation, maximum vehicle weight per axle, and more. When truck drivers and the companies which employ them fail to adhere to these federal regulations, serious accidents can take place.

Contact the law office of Wettermark & Keith, today if you or a loved one has been the victim of a truck accident. Our expert federal regulation lawyers know all the specifics of these laws and can help you reach the settlement you need after your injury or loss. Other law firms simply do not have the expertise or resources to handle these high-profile and often complex cases. This is what sets us apart as Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida’s premier truck accident injury firm.

Federal Trucking Regulation Enforcement

Government regulations for the operation of semi-trailer trucks are put in place to protect the public at large from the inherent dangers of these massive vehicles. A key operational regulation is the maximum number of hours a driver can operate a vehicle before having a period of rest. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration:

  • A driver may only operate a truck for 11 hours after a 10-hour break.
  • A driver may not drive beyond a 14th consecutive hour after coming on duty from a 10-hour break. Taking additional time off in excess of the mandated 10 hours does not extend any hours of operation past the 14-hour rule.
  • A driver may not drive more than 60-70 hours on duty in 7-8 consecutive days. The truck driver may restart a 7-8 day work week only after taking 34 consecutive hours off.
  • Drivers who use the sleeper berth provision must take a minimum of 8 consecutive hours in the sleeper berth. Additionally, they must take an extra 2 hours in the berth or off duty or a combination of the two.
  • A truck may only carry up to a maximum of 20,000lbs per axle.
  • Gross vehicle weight may not exceed 80,000lbs.
  • Tandem acceptable axle weight is 36,000lbs.

Again, these regulations are set forth to protect other motorists. When not adhered to, serious accidents or fatalities can take place. It should also be noted that the federal government has many more regulations, not listed here, in place to protect the health and lives of drivers.

If you suspect that federal regulation was violated thus causing your accident, do not hesitate to contact our law office today. With the aid of our top truck driver federal regulations attorneys, we can get to the root cause of your accident and pursue a compensation figure for your injury or loss.

If We Don’t Win You Don’t Pay

When selecting clients to represent in court, our firm operates on a contingency fee basis. What this means to our clients is simple: if we don’t win your case, you won’t pay anything. We choose to operate this way for the sole benefit of our clients, we want to see you obtain a successful recovery so that you can continue to carry on with your life.

Contact us today if you have been the victim of a personal injury or lost a loved one to a wrongful death after a truck accident due to a federal regulation violation. Fill out the free case evaluation form on our web site and we will get back to you promptly and help determine if you’ve got a case. If you wish to speak to us directly, feel free to call the office most convenient to you.

Remember, it is only through extensive professional litigation that a successful claim of personal injury or wrongful death can be made to come to fruition. This is precisely how our top accident lawyers operate for every client, every day. We work hard to serve justice to those injured, one case at a time.

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