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How to Drive in The Fog Safely

If you don’t know how to drive in the fog, you may find yourself in a dangerous situation very quickly. Unfortunately, many drivers have no idea how to properly navigate foggy conditions, and as a result, they can present a hazard to themselves and to others.

Let’s discuss a few things to keep in mind the next time you pull onto a foggy road.

#1: Use Headlights – but Keep Them Low

Many people think that high beams are the best option for foggy weather, but the truth is that low beams are better. Keeping your headlights low allows other people to see you without creating a reflection that hinders your own vision. On the other hand, high beams tend to bounce off the fog and back into your eyes, making it very difficult to see clearly.

#2: Proceed Slowly

Regardless of the posted speed limit, foggy conditions require slower driving speeds. You can’t see what’s ahead of you, and if there’s a stopped car or an animal in the road, you’ll need time to put on your brakes if you want to avoid an accident. Often, driving through fog makes you feel like you’re going slower than you really are, so pay attention to your speedometer over your instincts.

#3: Don’t Stop

If things get really bad, you may be tempted to pull over or even stop in the middle of the road. However, because other drivers can’t see you very well, they may not realize you’re stopped or they may become distracted by your car and end up wrecking. If you have to stop, pull as far off the roadway as you can and turn off your lights so that you don’t present a distraction to other motorists.

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