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A Car Accident Lawyer’s Advice for a Safe St. Patrick’s Day

Many Alabamians will be celebrating this St. Patrick’s Day. The team at Wettermark Keith wants to make sure when you’re done celebrating, that you get home safely. Did you know that 32% of Americans admit to binge drinking on St. Patrick’s Day? In fact, that’s about 1 out of 3 people!  As a result, the team of car accident lawyers compiled these tips to help you celebrate The Emerald Isles’ favorite holiday with your safety in mind.

How to Get Home Safely this St. Patrick’s Day

  • Before going out, plan the location and how to get back.
  • If going out with friends, select a designated driver. They should commit to staying sober – just remember your friends will owe you one later.
  • In case a designated driver is not an option, designate a service like Lyft, Uber, or the community sober ride program. These services carry discounts, so there’s no excuse not to use one!
  • Take a moment and assist somebody who is impaired by securing them an alternative way to get home.

Follow these steps and rest easy, knowing you’re not relying on the luck of the Irish to get home. Given that, Alabama ranks amongst the top five states when it comes to most drunk driving deaths it’s not a bad idea.

 St. Patrick’s Day Car Accident Injury Facts

According to 2017 Crash Facts from The Alabama Department of Transportation, in 2017 there were 156,993 automobile crashes in Alabama. Overall, 47,771 of crashes resulted in injuries and 857 of them were fatal. Alcohol and drug impairment was involved in about 3% of the cases. However, when drivers are impaired during an auto accident the proportion of fatalities rises to 6.9 times more than usual. On average, St. Patrick’s Day sees about a 150% boost in the sales of beer and people celebrating tend to drink about 4 drinks on average. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that fatal drunk driving crashes involved a driver that was over double the legal drinking limit in 75% on St. Patricks Day. To clarify, this makes it one of the more dangerous nights of the year to be on the road.

What to do if You are Involved in a Car Accident in Alabama?

If you are involved in a car accident here are steps you can take:

  • Evaluate your injuries, as well as take a moment to calm down.
  • If injuries permit and it is possible, move to a safe area, like the shoulder of the road. If that’s not an option use your hazard lights.
  • Bring the vehicle to a complete stop and check is safe to exit the vehicle.
  • Check on anyone else involved, if there is an injury call 911. Even if an injury seems minor it is best to be checked by a medical professional.
  • Call the police, they will create an accident report. The responding officer can objectively decide who is at fault, although it is best to avoid blaming others or admitting fault.
  • Gather as much information as possible.
    • Names of the driver and passengers too
    • License plate numbers
    • Insurance information
    • Makes and models of all vehicles involved
    • If possible contact information from eyewitnesses
    • Location of the accident
    • Name and badge number of any responding police officers
  • Snap some photos of the accident scene, because of smartphones this is much easier.
  • File the insurance claim.
    • Keep detailed records of any accident-related documents and information, like insurance information, claim number, claim adjuster, contacts, and expenses incurred due to the accident.

What Can You Do After a Car Accident in Alabama?

Equally important, is protecting your rights. Consult with a car accident lawyer.  After all, attorneys can assist in making statements to insurance companies, confirming that compensation is accurate, and ensuring proper medical attention is provided. Hopefully, this won’t be your experience this St. Patrick’s Day. However, if disaster strikes and you are in an accident, then turn to the legal team at Wettermark Keith. We will offer a free consultation and will help decide the best course of action in protecting your legal rights. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, or have a case to review, then call us at 877-715-9300 or contact us online. We are determined to fight your legal rights.


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