Charles Daniel takes on Wettermark Keith’s challenge for the Hydrocephalus Association.

Posted on September 15, 2014 in General Tips and News

With the success of the “ice bucket challenge”, Wettermark Keith decided to change things up a bit and focus on a more local cause.

Hydrocephalus means “water on the brain”, so it seemed like a perfect fit to donate for every employee who dumped ice water on their brain! The money will go to Mary’s Monkey’s Team for the annual hydrocephalus association walk.

We threw down the gauntlet and also challenged ABC33/40’s Charles Daniel to take the challenge on the air, and Mary White got to throw the icy bucket right over him! Mary was born with hydrocephalus and has had a total of 29 brain surgeries.

At birth Doctors said she may never walk or talk but she is a happy 8th grader who runs Cross Country, sings in the school choir and is an overall amazing girl. There is no cure for hydrocephalus and the only treatment requires brain surgery.

Money raised will help fund research to help kids like Mary, some of the research is being done in Birmingham at Children’s of Alabama.

More information about the upcoming Hydrocephalus walk can be found here: