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Avoiding a Car Crash in Construction Zones

Road construction and routine road maintenance are something all drivers must deal with throughout the year. Though driving through construction zones seems like a minor nuisance, it can be hazardous for drivers and workers alike. Shoulder drop-offs, unfamiliar lanes, traffic cones, and cars parked in work zones can all contribute to dangerous driving and working conditions. 

During the late winter and early spring, you may notice a surge in construction workers on the roadways––here are a few driving tips to help you prevent car crashes in construction zones.

Allow Plenty of Space on Narrow Roads

If you are driving through a construction zone, you may have limited space between you and the person in front of you and no shoulder access. Pay attention to what’s in front of you, as well as how much space you have to maneuver through. Keep your car centered in your lane. 

Be Aware of Workers

Workers might walk into the road to direct traffic flow or complete a task related to their work. If you are driving through a construction zone, always check your surroundings for workers walking along the side of a construction site. For good measure, it’s always a good idea to reduce your speed in the presence of workers.

Respect Other Drivers and Give Them Space

The best way to avoid an unnecessary car crash is to always respect other drivers on the road, and give them the space they need to stop and slow down without the risk of an accident. Here’s a good rule of thumb to remember: For every 10 mph of speed, try to put one car length between you and the vehicle in front of you. This adjustment gives you enough time to react to the driver’s actions in front of you, and time to stop if necessary.

Following these tips in a construction zone can help you to eliminate the chances of a car accident or injury to construction workers onsite. 

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