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A Step by Step Guide on How to Hire a Car Wreck Attorney in Knoxville

If you’re thinking of getting a car wreck attorney in Knoxville, you may feel lost when it comes to actually hire an attorney. That’s why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide so you can find the best attorney for you, quickly and easily.

Decide that You Need an Attorney

First of all, you should take time to consider if you need an attorney in Knoxville at all. In most car and motorcycle accident cases, we recommend legal representation, especially if there were accident victims or significant property damage. Personal injury attorneys’ help is especially useful when dealing with insurance companies who are trying to get you the lowest settlement possible. Take the details of your case into consideration, make a pro-con list, and decide from there if you need a car wreck attorney in Knoxville.

Schedule Free Consultations

Most lawyers in Knoxville offer free consultations for prospective clients. All this usually requires is filling a form on their website or making a simple phone call. If a lawyer’s website or communication makes it difficult to schedule a consultation, you may ask yourself if that lawyer is really one that you would want to work with.

Once you schedule a consultation, bring some of the documents from your case and a list of questions for your Knoxville car accident lawyers. Each lawyer will examine your case to see if it is worth pursuing and if it belongs in another category, like product liability. Throughout your consultation, keep an eye out for qualities you’d want an experienced Knoxville lawyer to have, like experience, compassion, or good communication.

Discuss Fees

Every car wreck attorney, Knoxville-based and everywhere, does fees differently, so it’s good to know the specifics of a lawyer’s payment structure before you commit to being their client, especially when you’re dealing with tough situations like lost wages and pain and suffering.

At Wettermark Keith in Knoxville, Tennessee, we offer a guarantee that you won’t pay anything unless and until we win your motor vehicle accident case. At other firms, a specific fee may apply upfront. Ask each law firm about their fees, how much they will take, and when. Compare this cost to their Tennessee law experience, case history, education, awards, and other accolades, and then determine if they are worth their cost.

Compare Attorneys

When you have these details compiled, compare what you’ve learned about each car wreck lawyer. Knoxville has many attorneys, so write down what you did and didn’t like, decide on which qualities you’re not willing to compromise, and start by crossing off a few names.

Don’t take too long in this process, as the caseload for each lawyer changes somewhat frequently, and the statute of limitations may apply to your case in the meantime.

Bring the Details of Your Case

When you decide on a lawyer, call them back to tell them of your decision. The average car wreck lawyer (Knoxville-based, at least) starts with an initial discussion to find out more details of the case.

It can be helpful to bring all documentation that may apply to this first meeting, as time is of the essence in car accident cases. Being open and honest with your attorney will only help your case.

Get a Free Consultation!

If you’re looking to get a car wreck lawyer in Knoxville for your car or truck accident case, Wettermark Keith has lawyers who are ready and well-equipped to help you. Make the lawyer-hiring process as easy as can be and choose the most experienced, most compassionate lawyers in Knoxville, TN.

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