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3 Things You Need To Know by Chattanooga Truck Accident Lawyers

Trucks are a necessary part of modern life. These behemoths of the road carry our food, clothes, and online orders to and fro across the country. Trucks are common, but they are also commonly involved in vehicle accidents with injuries, including those that are fatal. The best way to prepare for the event of a truck or car accident is to learn as much as you can about the trucking company industry. Keep reading to find out more and to see when you need truck accident lawyers in Chattanooga.

Trucks on Roadsides

Just as parking on the side of the road is dangerous for any vehicle, it is dangerous for large trucks and tractor-trailers as well. When parked on the side of the road, many vehicles do not park far enough away from traffic or indicate their situation with emergency lights or other precautions. This can lead to other vehicles hitting the parked car or commercial truck by accident. Severe injuries often come from these situations.

Although trucks are large, they are not immune from being hit on the side of the road. A truck driver walking around his or her truck is in just as much danger as the operators of the vehicles passing by. However, a passing driver may be severely injured if he or she hits the truck from behind, as the car’s height will put its driver at a disadvantage. Look out for these unassuming hazards on roadsides and call a truck accident attorney if you are involved in an accident.

Log-Carrying Trucks

Trucks often carry objects that are tightly tied down or otherwise secured to the body of the 18-wheeler. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, logs are some of the more common cargo. Unfortunately, logs are also some of the most hazardous cargo on Tennessee’s roadways. The logs may be improperly secured or could obstruct the view of the taillights.

When it’s difficult to tell how far away the end of the logs are, stay at least 500 feet away and, when it’s safe, pass the truck on the left. Use the proper turn signals to make sure the driver knows where you’re headed. If any cargo hits you or your car, call truck accident lawyers about your truck accident cases.

Truck Accident Conditions

Chattanooga truck accident numbers have gone up consistently since 2015, and it’s hard to tell why. However, we do know in which conditions truck accidents usually take place. Accidents involving trucks are more likely to take place in a rural area off of the interstate during the day. The month with the most fatal truck crashes is September. The majority of the people injured and killed in truck accidents were the driver of a non-truck vehicle. Additionally, despite the risky situations work zones create, only 5.54% of all fatal semi-truck accidents occurred in work zones. Even with all this knowledge, you may find yourself needing truck accident lawyers in Chattanooga.

Ultimately, being extra careful around trucks can go a long way in preserving your safety. If you are ever injured in a truck accident or need a personal injury lawyer to help with your insurance company claim, don’t waste precious time interviewing every lawyer around.

Consider Wettermark Keith’s truck accident lawyers in Chattanooga. Our law firm is known in the Chattanooga, TN area for the compassionate, genuine care we give to each client, as well as the fervor and experience we put to work with each and every case. Getting started is easy. Just contact us using the form below.

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