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3 Most Shocking Stats About On the Job Injuries in Huntsville

Huntsville in North Alabama is a city built on commerce and industry. Especially within the last few years, the city has seen an uptick in new businesses, and that has attracted more Huntsville workers. However, with any job comes the potential for occupational diseases or on-the-job injuries in Huntsville, and these workplace accidents produce some fairly unexpected statistical results. Keep reading to find out what you should be on the look for to avoid workplace accidents!

Goods-producing Industries Have a Higher Incidence Rate

When you compare the incidence rates of goods-producing jobs versus those of service-providing jobs, you can see that goods-producing jobs have higher rates of workplace injuries. All this means is that those people working in jobs that produce goods or physical products, like manufacturing and construction, are more likely to have work-related injuries than those in service industries like finance or hospitality. Huntsville has so many people working in both types of industries, but it seems that it’s riskier to be working in the goods-producing sector currently. However, no matter the industry, staying alert and following safety measures are the two main ways you can prevent workplace accidents before they happen.

Education and Health Services Has the Highest Incidence Rates

Despite not being listed as a goods-producing industry, the education and health services sector has the highest rate of incidents for non-fatal on-the-job injuries in Huntsville at 3.8%. This is higher than other, more stereotypically dangerous, professions like mining and transportation. Even though the people in education and health services usually work in highly monitored environments away from the elements of the weather and other conditions, the human unpredictability of this industry still provides plenty of danger. If you’ve found yourself in need of an injury lawyer to secure your benefits from workers’ compensation insurance, call our team at Wettermark Keith.

Manufacturing Has the Highest Number of Injuries

The highest number of people injured at work in any one industry, incidence rates aside, is 9,000 injuries in one year in the manufacturing sector across the entire state of Alabama. When compared to the unpredictability of other industries, manufacturing is a surprising industry to have so many accidents and injuries. In fact, manufacturing is the industry most likely to have the type of personal injury that caused the injured worker to miss work or transfer jobs altogether, meaning their injuries were likely more serious. For those in the manufacturing industry, be careful to avoid on-the-job injuries in Huntsville!

If you find yourself injured while at work, be very careful to protect your rights in workers’ compensation law. You deserve workers’ compensation to cover your medical care, but insurance companies and even your employer may try to deny your injury claim of any type, barring you from your workers’ compensation benefits. Call our team of workers’ compensation attorneys at Wettermark Keith, and we’ll be your allies in your workers’ compensation claims while you heal from your accident and the pain and suffering.

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